Bloomin’ Favorites for Spring

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  • April 10, 2019

Everyone knows that flowers are the essence of Spring time! Not only do they brighten fields, farms and tables, they excite and charm all that come in their path! Edible Flowers provide more than just a visual infatuation; they are also colorful, flavorful, versatile and aromatic. They add elegance to meals just as decorative flowers do a room! 

We grow a full rainbow of colors and a spectrum of flavors here on the Fresh Origins Farm! To show you the outstanding qualities and varieties of these edible flowers, we have picked our favorite bright, fragrant, versatile and flavorful blooms; all of which embody the nature of Spring and are perfect for your plating and cocktail enhancing needsReady, set, bloom! 


Edible Flowers Cosmos are lovely, large pink, red and white Edible Flowers with a mild carrot flavor. They embody the bright, playful nature of spring and add color as well as charm and a fresh flavor to any entree!

Our most colorful Edible Flower, hands down is our Pansy! With a combination of beautiful bright multi-colored purple, orange, yellow, blue and red colors, they are sure to add excitement with any application! They have a mild, tangy flavor and a soft, velvety texture. 

With incredible colors of yellow, red, pink and white the Snapdragon is another bloom, perfect for Spring time theming! This edible flower has an intensely sweet flavor and pairs well with just about every dish. Imagine it atop a cocktail or dessert, what a way to impress!


Pleasantly tart and juicy, the Begonia Flower Mix ia combination of bright pink and pure white flowers with pink stems. They add fresh citrus flavor to desserts, seafood, cocktails and can be used to embellish fruit cocktails!

Our Chives Blossom is another favorite for Spring! These tiny, lilac-colored flowers are delicate in appearance, but don’t let that fool you. They also have a bold chive flavor that is perfect for enhancing salads, savory meats and poultry dishes. This edible flower brings great beauty and spice to any plate! 

Another small, yet powerful bloom is the Garlic Flower. This Edible Flower has to be named the most flavorful bloom on the farm, hands down! The potent garlic flavor is so powerful you can expect it to give as much taste as you would fresh garlic!


Our Sage Flower Monet Pink is a wonder of beauty and versatility! Because of its unique shape and size, these blossoms are perfect for cocktails, soups, salads and desserts alike! They have a mild, sweet flavor that can complement these bites without overpowering your dish! 

It’s safe to say, the most luring edible flowers are our Firestix, Firestix Mix and Micro Firestix! Like fireworks, they are striking and colorful with a flame-like tipsStanthem tall in a champagne flute or lay flat on the plate. These blooms are brilliant and fun! 

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An extremely fragrant edible flower is, undoubtedlyour Basil Blossom. Deep purple in color with a soft velvet-like essence, this bloom is as aromatic as it gets – one touch and this blossom will engage your senses!  Try stripping the Basil Blossom into cocktails or letting them float for a unique basil flavor infusion. 

Fresh Origins Lavender Flowers are beautiful, soft and delicate. These blooms have a long green stem and taste just like they smell! Fresh Lavender instills a calming aroma on the plate, providing a sophisticated touch.

Whether you are looking to add surprising flavor to your plate, brilliance to your cocktail, or create an aromatic and elegant experience, edible flowers are sure to satisfy! With more colors, and flavors comes more creativity, more inspiration and more chances to create a lasting impression!

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