We grow 60 varieties of Edible Flowers!
Many of which are available year round. We also offer unique and seasonal selections. Ask us about our flower availability calendar.

Hibiscus Flower adds incredible visual appeal to salads, tropical dishes, and cocktails. In addition to its beautiful colors of orange, pink, red, yellow, and white, their cup shaped attributes are versatile for stuffing with crab meat for an exotic amuse. The petals may also be separated and used individually for an exciting presentation.

Our Basil Blossom is amazingly aromatic with strong flavors of mint and basil. Its sprigs of dark purple basil flowers make it perfect for enhancing the look and taste of any cocktail. Basil Blossom is also perfect for a variety of dishes including Italian dishes, heirloom tomato salads and desserts. You can lay them flat or stand them tall for a uniquely beautiful presentation!

Elegant and flavorful, Edible Flowers are surging in popularity among today’s top restaurants and bakeries. Edible Flowers are ideal for enhancing the visual appeal of an entrée or dessert without compromising the integrity of the flavor. Edible Flowers are not only beautiful to look at but they can add an interesting range of tastes as well!

We have just a few examples below:


  • Truly an eye-catcher! Colorful and striking flame-like blossoms.
  • Having a flavor that is similar corn silk.
  • A bold and beautiful accent for any dish; make creative presentations for entrees, salads, desserts and cocktails!

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FireStix are one of our most popular varieties of edible flowers, thanks to its tall, flame-like blossoms.  FireStix are harvested from the amaranth plant, of which there are over 60 different varieties. Every part of the amaranth flower is edible, but FireStix are gleaned from the most vibrant portion of the plant.

Firestix™ also come in mixed colors now!

The beauty of FireStix from Fresh Origins is that they can literally be added to nearly any dish, appetizer or dessert. Not only will the edible FireStix flowers enhance the visual appeal of the plate, they are very durable and have a mild, bland flavor that can be described as a hint of fresh corn.

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Chef Damaso Lee

Chef John Burwell


  • Stunning flowers that resemble coral!
  • Great alternative to regular orchids.
  • Add to any entree, especially desserts, and cocktails to create an absolutely breathtaking visual appeal.
  • Extremely durable, great shelf-life.

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Flower Sparklers™Our Sparklers are edible flowers with tall pinkish- red coral-like blossoms that are produced on an amaranth plant.

The amaranth plant family consists of over sixty varieties, all of which produce different leaves and blossoms. All parts of the amaranth plant, including seeds, leaves, and blossoms, of these plants, are edible.

This plant’s reddish color is due to anthocyanins, a pigment that is released in the leaves that help protect the plant from the sun’s intense rays and to help pollinators locate the flower.

Discover the visual enhancing effects of our Amaranth Sparklers. This edible flower is useful in cocktails and elegant plating.

Chef John Burwell

Chef Timothy Ralphs

MicroFlowers Blend™

  • Vibrant, colorful combination of charming MicroFlowers!
  • Wide variety of sweet, savory and tangy flavors.
  • Bring any dish to life with these tiny brightly colored flowers, beautiful on desserts, salads, cocktails, and appetizers.
  • All you need is just one of these tiny flowers to create a unique focal point.

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MicroFlower™MicroFlower Blend™

MicroFlowers™  are one of our most popular innovations.  As we developed our extensive line of regular-sized edible flowers, we wanted to offer a micro line of edible flowers that would compliment our microgreens.  The world’s first MicroFlowers™ was our Micro Orchid .  This led the way to a whole array of diminutive edible flowers.  Our MicroFlowers™ are the perfect finishing touch to brighten up any dish. They are great for floating on cream soups and sauces.  They work very well in exotic martinis.  Of course desserts love their company! Turn ordinary desserts into beautiful upscale creations by adding these tiny flowers. With distinct and unique flavors, these tiny jewels are extremely versatile and can add just the right amount of culinary bling!Chef Timothy Gutmann

MicroFlower™ Micro Orchid

  • Exotic! Beautiful, brightly colored tiny orchids.
  • Fresh flavors of cucumber and watermelon.
  • Perfect for enhancing the look and taste of desserts, fruit dishes, and salads.

Recipe: Watermelon-Strawberry-Lime Smoothie (non alcoholic) with Micro Orchid™

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Exotic and beautiful, these are brightly colored tiny orchids.  These gorgeous little gems were the first in a series of MicroFlowers™ introduced by

Fresh Origins.  These delicate looking flowers are actually quite durable. They are produced and harvested year ’round in our greenhouses near San Diego, California. Fresh flavors of cucumber and watermelon. Perfect for enhancing the look and taste of desserts, fruit dishes, salads, desserts and beverages.Chef Evan CruzChef Evan Cruz

Buzz Button™

  • Stimulate your taste buds with this exciting burst of energy!
  • Yellow and sometimes maroon, cone shaped “buds” produce an electrifying effect on the palette.
  • Add some zesty tingle by infusing into sauces, dressings, syrups or any liquid including cocktails.

Recipe: Lemon Glazed Tilapia

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This unique flower creates an unexpected  electric buzz sensation in the mouth! Buzz Buttons stimulates saliva production and cleanses the mouth with a refreshing cool tingling taste- a perfect palette cleanser between courses. It can be used by crumbling the flower and sprinkling over food, or combining with sauces and infusions.

Buzz Buttons are also used to spark up beverages.  Muddled, sprinkled or floating  in cocktails adds electricity! They can be kept at the bar in a glass next to the slices of lime and other common fresh bar ingredients. They are a great conversation starter! The Buzz Buttons flowers come from a small tropical plant native to Brazil and Paraguay, where the leaves are  eaten as a fresh green.

Buzz Thriller Cocktail

6 Fresh Origins Buzz Buttons™
1oz Citrus Rum
½ oz Blue Curacao
Float of Cachaca
Sweet and Sour
Cup of Ice

Cut 5 Fresh Origins Buzz Buttons™ into pieces, toss in a blender. Add Sweet and Sour, Citrus Rum, Blue Curacao, and juice   from half of a lime. Blend mixture then pour into a glass filled with ice. Top with a float of Cachaca.  Serving with 1 or 2 Fresh Origins Buzz Buttons™ is  optional, but if you do, be sure to caution your customers of their tingly sensation. Since alcohol dehydrates you, the Buzz Button™ is a perfect ingredient because it stimulates salivary glands, keeping your mouth from getting dry and giving you a refreshing hydrated feeling!

Recipe: Lemon-Glazed Tilapia with Buzz Buttons

Herb Flowers

  • Beautiful mix of several herb flowers, such as Basil blossoms, Chive flowers, Lavender flowers, Savory blossoms, Mint blossoms, Rosemary flowers, etc.
  • Extremely flavorful and aromatic.
  • Amazing with meat dishes, desserts and cocktails!
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Recipe: Basil Fruit Blast with Basil Blossoms

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A Mixture of Edible Herb Flowers from Fresh OriginsOur Herb Flowers Mix varies with the seasons, depending on what is in bloom.  Despite their small size, most herb flowers have a concentrated range of flavors. 

Edible flowers of herb plants generally have a more intense flavor compared to the leaves and provide an additional dimension of visual enhancement.  Basil blossoms are richly aromatic with an intense basil flavor.  Lavender flowers are not only beautiful with their soft pastel color and long straight stems, they impart great aromas and a distinctive taste. Chive blossoms have a delicate appearance with a strong chive, oniony flavor.  Our mint blossoms are lovely purple and white fluffy blossoms with intense mint and licorice flavors.  Rosemary flowers have tiny delicate light blue-ish purple flowers attached to the stems in between the needles, and have a concentrated rosemary flavor.  Cilantro flowers are tiny white flowers with a potent cilantro flavor. Dill flowers are clusters of tiny bright yellow flowers on thin green stems. They have a concentrated very sweet Dill taste and aroma.  Fennel flowers look just like Dill flowers, but have an unmistakable sweet licorice flavor.  Thyme flowers are very tiny with a delicate appearance, but have huge flavor.  Stevia flowers are white and of course, super sweet.  The Herb Flowers are also available separately instead of mixed.  We are continually adding different varieties to our selection of flowering herbs.  Herb flowers allow chefs to get creative with their flavor additions!Beautiful Cuisine Garnished with Edible Basil Blossoms

Basil Blossoms, Chef James Montejano

Lavender Flowers, Chef James Montejano

Fennel Flowers, Chef Daniel Pundik

Recipe: Basil Fruit Blast Cocktail

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