How to Use Microgreens to Add Flavor to Your Meals

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  • August 12, 2014

Microgreens are tiny versions of mature vegetables and herbs with a ton of flavor that can add both beauty and freshness to any plate.  Microgreens have been used for about 20 years in fine dining restaurants and are a great way to add that fresh from the garden element to your cuisine.

Microgreens, you say? I’ve never heard of them. What are microgreens?

Usually less an inch and a half in height, and a half an inch to one inch across the top, microgreen are seedlings specifically grown to be harvested at a very young stage of growth.  You can think of them as little siblings to the full-size versions of cilantro, beets, kale, mustard, basil and other popular vegetables and herbs.

What’s the advantage of having smaller-than-usual herbs and vegetables?

For one thing, these little microgreens can add excellent flavor and vibrant colors to a number of dishes.  Microgreens aren’t some kind of flavorless aesthetic tool — instead, they add flavor notes to whichever dish they’re served with.

So how do I choose the right microgreens?

Microgreens respond to the environment in which they are grown.  The best quality comes from growing in bright natural sunshine, as opposed to artificial lighting.  Be sure the grower has a third-party-audited food safety program in place.  Check the quality.  Avoid microgreens that are too soft, have long skinny stems and tiny leaves.  These will lack flavor, color and shelf-life.

In short, if you’d like to add some freshness for your dishes, get the essence of freshness and beauty with a touch of microgreens.