Fresh Origins provides high quality, nutritious product to the nation’s top chefs.  Our passion for innovation ensures that chefs can always find new and exciting products that most people have never seen before.  Chef’s feedback and ideas help us a great deal.  We often create products as special requests from chefs.  Chefs find our Microgreens to be extremely versatile and are able to create beautiful works of art by adding them to their dishes.  Unique and distinct flavors allow Chefs to truly be creative and create wonderful themed plates.  Not only adding beauty and flavor, but incredible dimension, our Microgreens are a Chef’s favorite.

Chef Shola Olunloyo

“Fresh Origins offers the depth of variety that a modern creative kitchen requires. The products may look simply attractive but if one takes the approach of tasting each product, a smart intellectual decision can be made to determine what it should be used for. Fresh Origins products are not just pretty garnishes but used intelligently pair with the flavors of the ultimate preparation either as a direct cohesive match or an interesting counterpoint.” – Chef Shola Olunloyo – Studio Kitchen Photos by Chef Shola Olunloyo

Chef James Montejano

Chef Andrew Spurgin

I knew that Fresh Origins was truly unique the day I visited the farm and David Sasuga and I designed a Springtime legume mix together.  He always has a creative and passionate sparkle in his eye, this carries through to all the amazing products he and his Team at Fresh Origins create. It is a pleasure to use them.”

Photos by Chef Andrew Spurgin

Chef Anthony Sinsay

“What Fresh Origins does on a daily basis is truly amazing! In a kitchen that surrounds itself with questions on how to create better and more interesting food Fresh Origins offers solutions on how to ever evolve our menu and allows our imaginations to run wild with curiosity and fuels our creativity.  I am very excited to be using these ingredients in my kitchen and hope that David, Kelly and the team continue on the path they have started with giving us chef’s such an amazing medium to work with.”

Photos by Kelly Sasuga


Chef Matthew Porter

Marriott La Jolla

Fresh Origins Microgreens are always so fresh and vibrant.  We use a wide range of products including Micro Wasabi, Micro Cilantro, Golden Pea Shoots and a list of others. Their product is the perfect compliment to the dishes we create here at the La Jolla Marriott.”

Photos by Kelly Sasuga

Chef Akira Back

Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant and Lounge – Bellagio, Las Vegas

“I can always count on Fresh Origins to provide me with the best in specialty micro/ greens available. Their service is top notch and their commitment to quality is second to none.”


Photos by Kelly Sasuga

Chef Michael McDonald

Top of the Market

Photos by Kelly Sasuga

Chef Byron Wilson

Hilton Gaslamp

“I have been using Fresh Origins for over ten years now, I love the consistency and depth the products bring to all of my dishes.”

Photos by Kelly Sasuga

Chef Daniel Pundik

Photos by Kelly Sasuga