• Stronger flavors than microgreens
  • Adds even more flavor, color, texture, and versatility
  • When a bigger impact is needed
  • We grow over 125 varieties of Petite™Greens

The items listed below are Fresh Origins innovations! These have been selected from our in-house trials for their unique qualities. We are very proud to introduce these new concepts to the culinary world. Other than these unique items, we have over 125 different Petite™Green products for you to choose from (including our mixes).

If you are interested in adding PetiteGreens from Fresh Origins to your restaurant’s menu, kindly contact your favorite produce distributor. If you are a produce distributor interested in offering superior quality MicroGreens, Petite™Greens, edible flowers and our other specialty items to your customers, please contact us for more information.

Petite™ Edamame™

  • Latest greatest thing! Japanese green soy beans.
  • This PetiteGreen has a light green color and resembles a bean that is opening with a new leaf coming through the middle.
  • Substitute this for regular edamame, even better flavor, and with no pod to deal with!
  • Saute it, boil it, steam it, or just eat it fresh; use as a veggie side dish, side salad, or as a unique accent for Asian dishes.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Full-bodied flavor, nutty, beany, succulent.
  • Unlike any other greens out there! Truly sensational.

Petite™ Fava Leaf

  • Unique and attractive large-leafed legume.
  • Known as a sign of spring in Italy! Available year round, whereas the fava bean season is normally fairly short.
  • Wonderful, and fresh taste of fava beans.
  • Pair with Mediterranean, and Asian influenced plates.
  • Can be used for fresh eating or can be cooked in various ways.
  • Add to a salad mix or use as a finishing touch to add originality, esthetics, and flavor.

Petite™ Haricot Leaf™

  • Uniquely attractive broad tender leaves.
  • Tastes just like fresh-picked haricot vert!
  • Add this beautiful legume to salads or to any meat, seafood or poultry dish.

Petite™ Iceplant™

  • Delightful light green leaves covered with sparkling water crystals and pinkish stems.
  • Succulent and refreshing with a cool citrus flavor.
  • These glistening leaves add tasteful class to seafood, soups, sandwiches and hors d’oeuvres.

Petite™ Lucky Shamrock™

  • Extraordinary three, four, and five leafed clovers!
  • Perfect for St. Patty’s Day!
  • These large green leaves have a striking burgundy and white central pattern and measure about one to one and a half inches.

Recipe:  Luck of the Irish Martini

Petite™ Pumpkin Green™

  • Delicious fresh squash flavor. Grown from pumpkin seeds.
  • Vibrant green color will brighten fall plates and traditional holiday fare.
  • Good source of vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, and iron.
  • Get creative with the first ever Edible Pumpkin green!

Recipe: Pumpkin, Lemongrass & Corn Soup

Petite™ Spinach Lilac™

  • Delicate dark green leaves with intense bright lilac/pink highlights!
  • Mild Spinach flavor with a remarkable look.
  • Add vibrant color to any dish with this unique Petite™Green.

Petite™ Spinach Sweet Red™

  • Arrow-shaped dark green leaves with red veins.
  • Asian type Spinach designed for eating fresh.
  • Low acidity, sweet and succulent with a nutty taste.
  • Add freshness to sandwiches and salads.
  • Use as a striking edible bed for seafood and meats.

Petite™ Stevia™

  • Stevia is rapidly gaining popularity as the first all natural alternative to sugar.
  • Extracts of Stevia have up to 300 times the sweetness of sugar!
  • Our fresh, leafy PetiteStevia will add a sweet touch to tropical cocktails, desserts, and savory main courses.
  • Medical research has also shown possible benefits of stevia in treating obesity and high blood pressure.
  • This remarkable herb has zero calories and zero carbohydrates! Native to South America, it has been used as a sweetener and flavor enhancer for centuries.

Recipe: Raspberry Stevia Mojito

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