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Crystallized Flowers!!

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What’s New on the Farm:

Crystallized Flowers!
Pansy, Rose, Rose Petals,
Snapdragon, &Viola

Fresh Origins has a sweet new
product line! We are sugar coating our
own edible flowers to create incredible sweet garnishes. The glistening sugar
crystals are an exciting and exquisite additionto any desert. Even main entrees are transformed
into brilliant works of art. The sugar coating preserves the natural beauty of the flowers for as long as you need.

Edible Flowers: From Start to Finish!

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Today’s top restaurants are finding ways to incorporate edible flowers in many aspects of their menus.  At many luxurious establishments, you may see an edible flower garnishing your pre-dinner drink.  The appetizer or salad may be sprinkled with vibrant, tasty, edible flowers and your main course can contain at least one, if not a blend of edible flowers to enhance the flavor and visual appeal of the dish.  For dessert you will find that many pastries and sorbets contain edible flowers either as an ingredient, or as a garnish.

At Fresh Origins, we offer only the finest edible flowers with the understanding that, when it comes to fine cuisine, beauty without taste means nothing.  Our edible flowers are not only brilliant in color and texture, but also in flavor.  We take great pride in harvesting our edible flowers at the height of quality.  Our shipping methods ensure that the edible flowers will arrive at your restaurant fresh and presentable. Upon arrival, you can use the edible flowers however you desire, with the assurance that their flavor and appearance will not compromise your dish.

For more information on how you can feature edible flowers from Fresh Origins at your fine restaurant, please contact us.